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SKYCOM T-307H Designed for FTTH

Key Features:
1>Quick splicing time: 6 seconds
2>Quick heating time: 15 seconds
3>More Portable design


      Skycom is proud to present the T-307 series of Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer, which incorporate key performance features expected in an advanced next generation fusion splicer:

   High Speed Splicing and Heating,

   6 seconds Rapidly Splicing, 15 seconds Quick Heating

   Greater Accuracy

   Digital Imaging and Vision Processing Metrology Ensure Great Accuracy

   New Developed Technology for Smaller Size and Convenient Multipurpose Clamps


   3-in-1 Universal Holder

   Applicable Cleaved Length up to 5mm

   5200mAh, Ultra-high Battery


   Automatic Detection


   Multistage Amplification, Magnification up to 520X Which Makes Clear Image








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