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SKYCOM T-901A Optical fiber cleaver

♦  Stable operation with Multi-Action process   
♦  Compact & handy outfit design
♦  High precision cleaving blade with 26 cleave spots
♦ One Step for Cleave
♦ Automatic Blade Rotation
♦ Automatic waste collection box

 ♦ Applicable fiber: Single Core Fiber, SM, MM, DS, NZ-DS, EDF, 125um OD of Nude Fiber Cable
♦ Applicable Diameter of Bare fiber:125μm
 ♦Applicable Coating Fiber Diameter: φ0.25mm、φ0.9mm、φ2.0mm、φ3.0mm
♦ Cut Length of Fiber Cable5~16mm (∮0.25mm)﹑10~16mm (∮0.9mm)
♦ Cleave Angle: ≤0.5°
♦ Blade Lifetime: 52000 times(2000*26)
 Dimensions: 103(W) x 93D) x 47(H)mm.
 Cleaver Weight : 290g
 Cleaver Weight with waste collection box : 320g

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