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SKYCOM T-207H Optical fiber Fusion Splicer

Display: 5 inches high resolution colorful LCD monitor
Average Splice Time: 9 second
Average Tube-heat Time: 25 second
Lithium Battery: up to 180 times of continuous splice and heat
Magnification: Simultaneous X and Y views with 400 times,
X or Y can be viewed separately.
Splicing Mode: Auto & Manual & Full-Automation
Storage: up to 6,000 groups of splice results
USB Terminal
New developed technology providing wind and dust resistance
New technology of fiber core alignment, enhanced accuracy
New 3-in-1 cutting fixture for rubber-insulated wire (Patented)

The Latest Developed SKYCOM T-207H Fusion Splicer         
 Display: 5 inches high resolution colorful LCD monitor
 Average Splice Time: 9 second
 Average Tube-heat Time: 25 second
 Lithium Battery: up to 180 times of continuous splice and heat
 Magnification: Simultaneous X and Y views with 200 times, X or Y can be viewed separately 400 times.
 Splicing Mode: Auto & Manual & Full-Automation
 Storage: up to 6,000 groups of splice results
 USB Terminal
 New developed technology providing wind and dust resistance
 New technology of fiber core alignment, enhanced accuracy
 New 3-in-1 cutting fixture for rubber-insulated wire (Patented)
 New multifunctional 1+N optical fiber fixture (Patented): 1 multipurpose fixture (applicable to fiber optic bare fiber, cable, patch cord, rubber insulated wire).



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